The goal of Animal Balance USA is to act as a resource for areas in need of accessible and affordable spay/neuter, delivered quickly and efficiently to address an immediate need. Animal Balance USA can provide assistance in areas where there is a lack of accessible and affordable spay/neuter, a lack of personnel trained in providing high volume, high-quality spay/neuter and/or an immediate need for high volume, high-quality spay/neuter.


Animal Balance is comprised of a team of specialized experts who focus exclusively on creating high-volume, high-quality spay/neuter clinics in any environment imaginable. We recruit the most experienced volunteer veterinarians, technicians and assistants in the country for our campaigns. We have been creating community-based humane animal management programs utilizing high volume spay/neuter clinics since 2004. 

Over the last 16 years, we have served twelve island nations around the world, convincing local organizations to put their differences aside and to collaborate; helping to create sustainable solutions, while at the same time igniting social change aimed at fostering love, compassion and respect towards all species. We have now decided to shift our focus to provide our unique services right here in the United States, as we have seen firsthand the need for a true solution to overpopulation and it is high-quality, high- volume spay/neuter. 


There are three aspects of AB USA:
1. Resource Gap
2. Rapid Response
3. Consulting


1. Resource Gap

This is when:
● A community does not have access to any or enough accessible or affordable
spay neuter services.
● Where the local shelter is over capacity and cannot ‘adopt out’ or ‘transport out’
the animals and has nowhere for the impounded animals. They are effectively
stuck as a bottleneck has been created.
● Where there are an insufficient number of high-quality, high-volume spay/neuter
veterinarians to sterilize the number of animals in their community.

2. Rapid Response

This is when:
● A shelter has large numbers of animals in custody for a court case of cruelty,
such as a puppy mill bust, or a hoarding case. These animals all need to be
sterilized, vaccinated and treated quickly as soon as their custody period is up so
that they can be placed up for adoption asap.
● The shelter has a big adoption event coming up and the population still needs to
be spayed/neutered, prior to adoption/transport out and there are no local
spay/neuter services available, or prepared/skilled veterinarians for the quantity
of animals presented for surgery.

3. Consulting
This is when:
● There is a high shelter death rate and low spay/neuter rate the community,
despite there being resources available in the area. Local organizations and
shelters want to save the lives of cats and dogs but need help organizing. We
will devise a plan for that community that will lead to the highest save rate


 Our high-volume ‘MASH’ teams, comprised of the most experienced veterinary medical volunteers from all over the country, will be deployed to these target areas. We will work to provide as many specially trained veterinarians as possible who are licensed to work in the state. We will work with local organizations to provide the type of services needed in their community and, when needed, teach them how to replicate our services so that they can be sustainable in the long term. In every situation, we will use our very detailed standard operating procedures, which we will share with local organizations for future use. It is a ‘MASH intervention’ if you will, one which will help solve the immediate crisis and create sustainable programs in order to have the greatest impact in each community in which we work.

“For example, in areas where there is a lack of accessible and affordable spay/neuter or
lack of personnel trained to perform high volume, high quality spay/neuter, we can 
solve the problem at the source, restore balance at the shelter, reduce intake, and
ultimately decrease shelter deaths, all while training local organizations so that the
solution is permanent.,”

says Emma Clifford, Founder & Director of Animal Balance.

If you would like to find out more about these services, please email us
at and we can start by sending you a short questionnaire and a sample budget.


Ongoing/Upcoming Campaigns:


Edinburg, tx

Animal Balance will be visiting Palm Valley on a monthly basis for the foreseeable future!  

For more info please email 

To apply to volunteer, fill out our volunteer application here! 





 Animal Balance saw an urgent need in the Palm Valley area where spay and neuter resources are scarce. Short term missions like this help alleviate resource gaps while allowing more time to put long-term solutions in place. This mission dovetails with the ongoing multi-year partnership between Best Friends and PVAC to improve shelter operations, implement a community cat program and help prevent euthanasia at local shelters.  Click below to hear from Mike Bricker, the Interim Executive Director for Palm Valley Animal Center to learn more about the dire need for services in South Texas.

Texas Update!.png

Tulsa animal welfare coalition


tulsa, oklahoma

In partnership with the Coalition for Tulsa Pets and funded by the Arnall Foundation, Animal Balanceworked in Tulsa, OK. The first clinic was held Jan. 10th-13th with additional clinics following in March and April of 2020.
Our first set of clinics in Tulsa provided spay/neuter for 297 owned dogs over three days! Below are a few of our favorite photos from this incredible clinic. 

St. Landry Parish animal control


Opelousas, LA

In partnership with the Bissell Foundation, Animal Balance provided high volume sterilization in St. Landry Parish in 2020. The first clinic was held Feb. 13-16.
For more information email

In Partnership With:


We are also continuing to work with partners in:

New Orleans, LA

Midland, TX

WIndow ROck, NM


Pasadena, CA

            ...and beyond!

Animal Balance USA Past Campaigns:

Hillsborough county pet resource center

- Puppy mill case -

tampa, Fl

Nov. 7th-11th 2019

Click below to read our past Texas campaign reports 

The mission of Animal Balance is to collaborate with communities in need to create sustainable animal management programs to prevent suffering and ignite social change.
We can't do it without your support. Please consider making a donation today. 

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