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Galápagos Islands tour


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Animal Balance, has been working with the Ecuadorian Governmental Department that is mandated to protect the biodiversity and biosecurity of the Galapagos Islands since 2004. It is called ABG. We have a 'convenio' with ABG that allows us to provide spay/neuter/vaccines, humane education, community outreach events and training to Ecuadorian veterinarians and animal technicians. It is our flagship program due its importance in world history, that it is a UNESCO center and because in 2004, we set out to prove that a humane strategy for species conflict resolution works, anywhere. If  we could prove it on the Galapagos, one of the most sensitive habitats, then it will work everywhere.  


Tour of Coexistence 


The Galápagos islands are being invaded by African snails, ants, rats, and fruit flies, as well as cats and dogs.

ABG has the task of:

1) preventing them from arriving 

2) eliminating them ASAP.

How do they do this? Join us for an exclusive behind-the-scenes look at how this works.


The goal is to raise $45,000 to pay for a vet for the islands for one year, plus another $55,000 in veterinary supplies, all purchased locally in Ecuador. We need to raise 100K each year to ensure that the program can run, assuming that the Ecuadorian Government does not help with funding - which depends on who is in charge of the Dept. Of the Environment at the time. Regardless, 100K will keep the dog and cat populations under control, thereby protecting the species that are resident.


Meet Dr. Precilla - a vibrant example of the impact Animal Balance has had on the Galápagos Islands! She began as a volunteer with AB as a youngster, and this experience has guided her path to pursue veterinary medicine, and is now working with the AB crew and ABG! 


Do you want to understand a little more about humane species conflict strategies - or just want to see sharks, boobies, tortoises, ants, dogs, and cats in one day? Join us on this exclusive tour. 


No one else has the 'inside scoop',; there are plenty of tours to see every iconic Galápogean animal, but not one (yet) showcasing the dynamics occurring with introduced species.


It is truly compassion, respect and coexistence in action. It is about using science and logic, working with the community, to achieve balance.

Animal Balance 

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