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Consulting Program


The Animal Balance Team has 18 years of international experience in creating humane animal management programs with key stakeholders; from NGOs to municipalities to National Parks, with whomever is responsible for the welfare of the animals in their country, or State.


We offer consulting in all aspects of the creation of the program, from the initial feasibility study, to the medical SOPs to volunteer recruitment. The entire scope of a program can be covered as required.


While we are based in the US, we have worked in over 12 countries over the past 18 years, most of which had very few resources. Our goal is to connect the resources we can reach, with the need.


A donation is required for consultations.


After the first call, a personally tailored  plan will be made directly with you and for you.


Some of our friends, partners, and supporters

Sea Shepherd

The Arnall Foundation

The Banfield Foundation

Maltz Family Foundation

The Summerlee Foundation

Best Friends Animal Society

Bissell Pet Foundation

Galapagos Conservancy

The Petco Foundation

Dr. Jane HealthyPetNet Foundation Inc.

Pegasus Foundation






Edith Goode Trust

Kimball Foundation

Galapagos national Park


Parks Foundation

The Lucille S. Thompson Family Foundation

On Shore Foundation

Australian Kindness Trust

...just to name a few!

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