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The Florida HOA project - balance the bay

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Animal Balance was asked to advise and assist the Home Owners Association (HOA) along the 30A Corridor of N. Florida. This corridor is a famous road that has a series of beach communities along it. The road is an icon, kind of like Route 66 and Highway 101.

Old Florida “State Road 30” once started at the Alabama state line and meandered 283 miles east across the panhandle. 30A® is a celebration of small town beach life – the kind that’s been enjoyed by families for decades all along the Gulf Coast. 30A isn’t just a line on the map. It’s a lifestyle; an attitude. It’s that happy place we all dream of when we need to unwind, unplug and celebrate life


Dr. Julie Levy and Laurie Hood from, asked if we would assess the situation and come up with a sustainable solution for the potentially growing cat population along this series of gorgeous beaches. We began working with all the key parties who very kindly sent us maps of the area with markers as to where the feeding stations are located and where the beach parameters are. We created formal Mou"s with the homeowners associations. We held calls with the caretakers and created a plan. We asked Spay Bay, the awesome local spay/neuter clinic. to perform the surgeries, while we did the logistics, trapping and the community aspect. Alaqua Rescue took all the kittens and moms with kittens to socialize, fix and adopt out. We are now about to perform TNR on beaches 2 and 3, with beach 4 waiting for their turn which we hope will be in the Spring. We have also offered to consult with the HOA's moving forward for one year to ensure that they are pleased with the results.


The goal - TNR the 30A Corridor!


If you are a trapper, you will love this project apply HERE

If you would like to support this fantastic feline project along this iconic section of the US, DONATE today!

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