dairne ryan

Dairne was born in Seattle, lived in Mexico City as a child, and speaks Spanish fluently. She first learned about strategies for creating social change when she graduated from high school early and volunteered for six months in California’s Central Valley for the United Farm Workers.  She attended UC Santa Cruz where she majored in Latin American Studies, and later received a B.A. in Health Services Administration from St. Mary’s College.  From 1998 to 2017, she co-managed a feral cat program in Berkeley, which reduced the cat death rate in the local shelter by 87% within four years.  Her group, Fix Our Ferals, succeeded in changing local ordinances and in mobilizing community members to spay/neuter the cats in their backyards, parks and shorelines. She continues to work to find peaceful ways to make change and create a framework for bringing people together to improve the community standards in our relationships with non-human animals.



Animal Balance Compassion. Collaboration. Coexistence.