Dairne Ryan

Dairne is a former AB board member and alumni of AB campaigns in the Galapagos Islands, Dominican Republic and Cuba.  She was born in Seattle, but spent her childhood living in Mexico City, and as a result speaks Spanish fluently. After attending UC Santa Cruz, where she majored in Latin American Studies, and later receiving a B.A. in Health Services Administration from St. Mary’s College, Dairne settled in the California Bay Area, where she has lived her entire adult life.


Dairne rescued her first dogs off the streets in Mexico City, and her first cat at the age of nine. She has been a dedicated advocate for animals all her life. For twenty years she helped run Fix Our Ferals, a community-based sterilization programs for feral cats in the East Bay. It was here that Dairne became a strong believer in the long-term possibilities and effectiveness of targeted trapping, community education and spay/neuter. It was in 1998, as she was helping to expand the Fix Our Ferals program, that Dairne first met AB Founder Emma 

The mission of Animal Balance is to collaborate with communities in need to create sustainable animal management programs to prevent suffering and ignite social change.

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