Galapagos: HUELLA VERDE Program

Animal Balance introduces: 


(Green Footprint)

Two programs are being introduced under HUELLA VERDE:


Bottles to Bricks 


T-shirts to Totes

Bottles to Bricks is a program that compresses non-recyclable waste into bricks to be used for building on the island. These bricks will be used to construct much needed dog houses, fences for conservation protection, and other needed infrastructure within the community.

    The T-Shirts To Totes Program recruits volunteers from all over the United States by challenging them to repurpose a t-shirt and transform it into a tote bag. We will distribute these totes throughout the Galápagos to locals and tourists, as a means of replacing plastic bags without creating more waste in the process. When the 300,000 tourists visiting the islands leave, they will be asked to donate a t-shirt at the airport so the community can continue to make reusable totes.


Join us in this pledge by saying no to plastic bags and help protect our planet as one global community! 

The mission of Animal Balance is to collaborate with communities in need to create sustainable animal management programs to prevent suffering and ignite social change.

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