The Galapagos islands

Animal Balance (AB) has worked in the Galapagos Islands since 2004, and is dedicated to resolving conflicts between people, wildlife, and domestic animals. The most ethical and effective solution to these conflicts is reducing the dog and cat population through sterilization via a community-based model. We collaborate with local partners to provide strategies on humane population management, veterinary and technician training, population mapping and census collection, targeted sterilization and vaccination clinics, humane animal handling training and interactive community events to celebrate the human-animal bond.

Our primary focus is the Galapagos Islands, which it serves as a global model demonstrating our mission: to collaborate with communities in need to create sustainable and humane animal management programs, in order to prevent suffering and ignite social change.

Dr. Marilyn Cruz, Director of ABG presents Emma Clifford, Director of Animal Balance with a plaque thanking Animal Balance for the critical spay/neuter work that AB has provided to the islands since 2004. The plaque was placed at the entrance to the first spay/neuter clinic that ABG built on the Galapagos Islands, demonstrating their commitment to spay/neuter and animal protection for all species.

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Animal Balance Galapagos Clinics

The mission of Animal Balance is to collaborate with communities in need to create sustainable animal management programs to prevent suffering and ignite social change.

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