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Looking Forward To Creative Solutions To A Unique Situation In Colombia


The Colombian hippos fall into two categories based on where they live. One set of approx. 40 live at Hacenienda Naples, an entertainment center, holding hippos and other wild animals. The other category are the wild hippos who have escaped Hacienda Napoles, and are living in small pods along the river basin.


The USDA was invited by CORNARE, the Department of the Environment who are responsible for the biodiversity of the Magdalena River Basin, which is where the hippos live, to inject the Napoles hippos with their specifically designed  'hippo GnRH' vaccine. Essentially, the goal is that this vaccine will immunocontracept the hippos, therefore stopping reproduction. To date, it has worked.


The next step is to develop a plan, based on scientific principles, to immunocontracept the wild hippos living in the river basin, and collect pertinent data.


Now that there is a non-violent solution, Animal Balance's role is to connect all the key players; scientists, researchers, government, NGOs and foundations from all countries. As such, our Director is speaking at the next week.

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Image by Wade Lambert

on the ground in Colombia

Image by Lisette Verwoerd

...and beyond!

Photos courtesy of @andres_dica


*Hippo adoptions are symbolic. With a donation of $50 or more, you can receive (if you so choose) some tokens of our appreciation for your support of our work in Colombia!

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