On May 21st, 2021, Dr. Isa Naudin and Emma had a very important meeting with Colombian government officials and bio-diversity experts. We presented a humane, animal management program designed for the Hippos, who live in Colombia.

We are against killing, or harming them in anyway. Instead we have proposed a plan that uses an injectable contraceptive called PZP.

The majority were against Hippos living in Colombia and quite frankly wanted to use lethal methods.

Dr. Naudin did an excellent job answering some very difficult questions. It is clear that we have some ways to go, BUT this was a huge step. We were at the table with those who decide if the Hippos will live, or be killed.

We have presented the most humane, logical, and the safest method for controlling these majestic animals. We have assembled the strongest Hippo Advisory Board on the planet.

We will not stop pushing forward to advocate for the Hippos of Colombia.

None of us live where "we are supposed to".

If you would like to help, please consider donating to this critical life-saving program.