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Indigenous COMMUNITY Program 

Our latest project in the USA!

Pictured: Ramah Navajo Nation, Pine Hill, NM


Upcoming Dates:

2022 - Pine Hill and Zuni, NM find out more !

Culturally Appropriate Interventions to Provide Critical Veterinary Care to the Ramah Chapter of the Navajo Nation: Operation “L’eechaa’i (Dog in Navajo)

In 2020, Animal Balance was asked by the Banfield Foundation to create a partnership with the local NGO, Bro & Tracy, to provide a high volume spay and neuter clinic to address the overpopulation of dogs on the Ramah Chapter reservation at Pine Hill, New Mexico.


The Ramah Chapter is #4 on this map. It is a smaller Navajo Chapter that has their own Tribal Council and is self-governing. The Director of Bro & Tracy was the Reservation teacher for 35 years and now she is retired and focuses on animal welfare resources for the Tribe. She is the ‘connector’.

Animal Balance’s Medical Director, Dr. Eric Jayne, recently gained his Masters in Indigenous Law. Animal Balance is very accustomed to working in remote areas with few resources. When you combine the remote location, community and culture with AB’s skills and experiences, you have a very strong and appropriate collective who communicate well, respect one another and believe in effective collaboration, based in respect and self-determination. Once assembled, we knew we had the right collective to provide these essential services to the community.

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