Dr. Isa Naudìn

Isa Naudìn is a Veterinary Doctor who lives in Medellin, Colombia. She is a lover of all animals, and from the beginning of her studies she began her training in high-volume sterilization surgeries for dogs and cats, which awakened her vocation to work with vulnerable communities. She has collaborated with several organizations that have given her the opportunity to visit remote places in Colombia and provide medical help and assist in controlling companion animal populations. Together with Animal Balance, she has helped the population of San Cristobal in Galapágos, Ecuador, sharing her knowledge of animal welfare, healthy coexistence, and conservation with island communities.
She is currently pursuing her postgraduate degree at the CES University in Medellín, in the area of bioethics, with an emphasis specifically on the decision-making of the hippos that inhabit the Colombian territory. In this way, she manages to integrate the experience she has gained and together with Animal Balance, they assume the challenge of sterilizing the Colombian hippos as the most humanitarian option in the face of this problem.

The mission of Animal Balance is to collaborate with communities in need to create sustainable animal management programs to prevent suffering and ignite social change.

Animal Balance

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