Jessica Gonzalez

I started as a volunteer in ARCA, an Animal Welfare Association in Cuenca, Ecuador more than 10 years ago, assisting in the rescue of neglected dogs and cats and helping in the tasks of the shelter run by the Association. I was involved in the process of setting up the first clinic for dog and cat sterilizations of the city and the first solidarity veterinary clinic whose goal is to provide low-cost vet services. I have been part of the team that provided consulting services to the Municipality of Cuenca, for one year, whose objective was to determine the population of domestic animals in the city and their relationship with the human population.
       As an activist for the rights of animals, I have joined several collectives in search of the abolition of bullfighting, cockfighting, shark bycatch, dogfighting, animals in circuses, as well as the promotion of responsible ownership of domestic animals, vegetarianism, and veganism with students of elementary and high schools and citizens in general.
       Currently, I work as a volunteer in the Mobile Sterilization Clinics with “Spay Vets”, a specialized spay/neuter group attached to ARCA, in urban and rural locations in different provinces nationwide focused on offering humanitarian solutions to control the population of dogs and cats in order to achieve a harmonious coexistence"

The mission of Animal Balance is to collaborate with communities in need to create sustainable animal management programs to prevent suffering and ignite social change.

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