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Megestrol Acetate is a powder that is prescribed by a veterinarian. It is given in micro doses in the cat's food on a weekly basis to prevent pregnancy. Spaying is, of course, the goal - as it is life-long. However, as HQHVSN vets are in such demand right now and cannot reach all the shelters in need, this tool could help the shelter buy some time until they can find a qualified veterinarian to spay the cats. Any establishment that has a veterinarian overseeing the cats in residence, or on foster, or on foster to adopt, or they are already adopted and cannot go home because they are not spayed, could be put on this contraceptive.

In 2022, we need to use all the kind ways to prevent unnecessary pregnancies that we can.

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to see what the alliance for contraception in cats & dogs has to say!

"Teaching shelters and non-profits, currently without HQHVSN vets and techs, that they can provide Megestrol Acetate (MA) to their cats via a micro dose on a weekly basis, buying them some time while they locate a HQHVSN vet. The MA must be prescribed by the shelter/non-profit vet, allowing guardians and foster parents to simply put the correct dosage of the powder in the food, once a week, preventing pregnancy. Essentially, MA buys you time and prevents kittens from being born."
-Emma Clifford

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