Kauai Mega-Mash 2019

Mega-mash on Kaua'i

cat Clinic Dates:

Sept. 8th-12th

Location: All saints Episcopal CHurch, Kapa'a, Kaua'i

Sept. 9th-12th

Location: Koloa missionary Church, koloa, Kaua'i

No appointment needed! 

Drop off between 8-9am

Please bring cats in a carrier or a humane live trap.

Outdoor community cats: free (all outdoor cats will be eartipped)

Pet Cats: $25 (pet cats will not be eartipped)

Pick up between 4-5pm (pickup time subject to change and may be earlier)

Questions? need help trapping?

Email us at appts@animalbalance.org

History of MEGA MASH

The MEGA MASH strategy was first used by Animal Balance in 2014 on the island of Nassau, Bahamas. The goal was to operate multiple clinics simultaneously across the island to increase efficiency in our use of volunteers and supplies and to increase visibility of our project by hosting an event so big that the media and community would be inspired to become part of the effort. In order to accomplish this, the island was divided into sectors and over 200 volunteers were brought in from around the world to provide free sterilization/vaccination and parasite control to the street and owned dog population. Over the course of 10 days, and with the help of many local volunteers, our teams sterilized 2,315 dogs in neighborhoods all throughout the island. This inspired the local NGOs to organize their own MASH units and they began targeting different islands. One of these groups has spayed and neutered 10,000 cats and dogs since 2014!!! This strategy has proved to be effective and as a consequence, the program has now become fully self-sustaining as it is locally driven, funded and operated.

Mega Mash on Kaua'i 

Animal Balance in conjunction with our local partners, will split the island of Kauai into zones. The clinics will be placed as close to the most at risk, most dense of the cat populations as possible. We expect this to be in the areas of Lihue/Kapa’a and Poipu, although those areas may change as more information is gathered. A high volume, high-quality, temporary spay and neuter clinic will be set up for one week at each location and they will be run simultaneously. Each clinic will have the capacity to sterilize up to 500 cats (although some areas have more dense populations than others) thereby having the capacity to sterilize more than 2,500 cats in total in just one week. Each clinic will have a cat trapping team and a medical team. The trapping team will work at night and the medical team, during the day, making this a 24-hour/6 day operation. 

For more information on our MEGA-MASH Kaua'i program, please email us at info@animalbalance.org. To donate to this program, please click here! 


Thank You To Our Main Sponsor:

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Thank you to our additional sponsors: 


Patrick Hauser Sponsoring our Koloa Clinic

The mission of Animal Balance is to collaborate with communities in need to create sustainable animal management programs to prevent suffering and ignite social change.

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