Megan Gram

Megan began working in animal welfare in 2008, after a volunteer gig to cleaning cat kennels turned her life upside down. After joining the Board of Directors, Megan became the Executive Director of Bend Spay+Neuter Project in 2012. In the seven years she served as the Director, the organization’s budget tripled, and the number of surgeries completed annually doubled. In addition, new programs aimed at improving the lives of both people and pets in Central Oregon including the HOPE Pet Food Bank, the Central Oregon Cat Alliance and the Warm Springs Indian Reservation MASH spay/neuter clinic program began under her leadership.

From 2017 through 2019 Megan was the Development Director and Program Manager for Animal Balance, where she was able to travel the world with an incredible team planning and implementing high volume, high-quality MASH style spay/neuter clinics which served as vehicles to create social change. During that time, she also served as a nonprofit consultant and outreach coordinator for the amazing Fences for Fido and other small shelters/rescues in Oregon. Megan now serves as the Executive Director of the Saving Grace Pet Adoption Center in Roseburg, Oregon.

Megan is a Certified Animal Welfare Administrator (CAWA) and currently serves on the Board of Directors for Animal Balance and the Pet Network Humane Society. She is owned by a menagerie of rescued cats and Pitbulls. You can find Megan adventuring with her family - riding bikes, camping, skiing, hiking, traveling and snorkeling lakes, rivers and oceans throughout the west. 

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