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Dr. Mike Greenberg, DVM

Dr. Michael Greenberg currently serves as Director of Outreach Programs for Maddie’s Fund. He has three major focus areas: (1) working with animal shelters and communities throughout the country to establish effective lifesaving programs, (2) developing web-based tools to help shelters more effectively use their data, and (3) conducting research and development surrounding the issue of access to veterinary care.

Prior to joining the team at Maddie’s Fund, Dr. Greenberg served as program director for Target Zero, working with communities across the US to achieve 90% or greater live release rates from their animal shelters through implementation of current best-practice strategies.

Dr. Greenberg completed his training in shelter medicine with the Maddie's Shelter Medicine Program at Cornell's College of Veterinary Medicine in 2011. Since that time, he has worked clinically and as a consultant for multiple public and private animal shelters throughout the United States.

Dr. Greenberg is based in Nashville, TN where he helped to establish Pet Community Center, a low-cost non-profit veterinary clinic; he then served as their medical director for several years. He has a particular interest in helping animal shelters and low-cost clinics find inexpensive ways to use data and technology to help improve their efficiency and more effectively target their efforts.

In addition to his work in the US, Dr. Greenberg enjoys volunteering with organizations throughout the world, participating in animal welfare and public health campaigns of all shapes and sizes.



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