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As we say goodbye to 2019...

We want to thank those wonderful businesses who have supported us with in-kind donations!

In-Kind Donations

Max & Neo - - Collars and Leashes for our Galapagos Program

The Astro Lounge -

Lavabelles Vacation Rentals -

The Capitol Bend -

Sticker Mule - for a donation of sweet vinyl decals -

The Right Slice Kaua'i - delicious pie donations!

Papaya's Kitchen Kaua'i - fabulous lunch donation!

All Saints Episcopal Church - donated space for clinic

Koloa Missionary Church - donated space for clinic

Breakside Brewing - beer for event!

SignPro Oregon - discounted signage

H.E.B. Stores - gift cards for supplies

Riverpoint Veterinary - donated suture

More to come!

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