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VetAID has been developed for islands, in response to the reduction of spay/neuter services during and since the pandemic. Prior to the pandemic, we could send large HQHVSN teams to the islands to provide spay/neuter/vaccines/wellness, humane education, outreach and dog training. Now, it is more appropriate to send smaller teams of 1 or 2 HQHVSN veterinarians and Technicians. 

The Island VetAID program allows time for you and your team to have a vacation as well as provide the services. Currently, this program is being offered in Saipan and the Galapagos Islands 

International clinics
Components of the VetAID Program by Animal Balance

Animal Balance deploys to islands to work with our partner to provide the following components: 

Medical Interventions
HQHVSN team deploy and perform 100 spays/neuter surgeries, administer deworming medications plus vaccinations, including Rabies. All the cats and dogs are identified with a tattoo and microchip, as required by each location

Non-Medical Interventions
Non-surgical methods, such as contraceptives, are reviewed for inclusion at each location to aid with the prevention of breeding through noninvasive, kind methods. Internationally we can use an implant for female dogs and an oral contraceptive for cats, for the short term.

Assessing Training Needs for a Sustainable Program
Partner training needs are identified. Interest in training is monitored and extended to individuals for HQHVSN animal technician training and for clinic management, enabling the partner organization’s staff and volunteers to learn new skills and become the HQHVSN support team.

Sustainability through resource identification
The program becomes sustainable when the local partner staff and volunteers are trained in HQHVSN clinics and the leadership is shown how and where to find the resources for ongoing support of the program, such as grant writing and forming positive and direct relationships with HQHVSN vets and technicians at home and abroa.

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Operation Potcake

Operation Potcake 2024 took place in the Bahamas in January 2024. We have now produced a report which is available to download from the link below.


For more information about the campaign please click here 


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