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Fresno clinic - April 2024

April marks one year of clinics in our first California location, Fresno Animal Center! We have hosted a total of ten clinics in partnership with Fresno Animal Center and their wonderful team. When we started, Fresno Animal Center had over 800 pets in foster to adopt, all waiting patiently to be spayed or neutered so that they could be officially adopted by their new families.

By the end of 2023, we were nearly there! In February of 2024, we were finally able to make the switch from helping Fresno Animal Center simply work through the backlog of surgeries they had amassed since the start of Covid, to helping community owned pets by offering spay/neuter/vaccination and microchips.

Fresno is one of our favorite clinics because we have never worked in a clinic quite as nice as the one they have at Fresno Animal Center! Our teams are used to working in all kinds of conditions, but none of us were used to working in a fancy clinic like this! When we started we were bringing in Animal Balance alumni from across the country, but as time went on more and more local technicians and veterinarians started to hear about our work and wanted to join us. Now our teams are made up almost exclusively of vets and techs from California who wanted to join up to help the cause. We are so excited to continue to expand our work in California, as we are finding out that nearly every part of the state has a great need for more spay/neuter.

You can see the areas who have reached out for help in the photo of the map below. We have already started working in Sacramento and will start clinics in San Jose later this year! We are definitely recruiting for all positions in CA, so please fill out an application or simply email me if you would like to join us! Megan Gram, Pacific Regional Director,,

Hope to see you soon in the Golden State!

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