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AB Launches 1st Sac M.A.S.H.

Sacramento marks another first for Animal Balance, our first MASH style clinic in California! This was a huge accomplishment for our team because unlike in other parts of the country like Texas and New Mexico, Animal Balance does not have vans full of supplies and equipment in California. This meant we had to have a very strong partner on the ground to help coordinate logistics, and boy did we find one!

Community Medicine Director, Dr. Cynthia Metcalf and Executive Director of Bradshaw Animal Shelter, Annette Bedsworth, were a powerhouse team when it came to this clinic! Full disclosure, we knew that they would be amazing partners because Dr. Metcalf is actually an Animal Balance alumni... not just any alumni though, Dr. Metcalf was on our VERY FIRST trip to Galapagos back in 2004! Can you believe it? It just goes to show that once you are part of the Animal Balance family, you are part of the family for life!

Together we transformed an old county building into a bustling spay/neuter clinic. Our first clinic was a huge success, with 192 patients being seen and an additional 200 on the waitlist for next time!!! We look forward to the next six clinics we have scheduled there in various parts of the city. If you would like to join us in Sacramento, please email me at!

See you in the Golden State!

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