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Team Laredo do 100 surgeries in 2 days

Working alongside our partners Best Friends For Life (BFFL) and Laredo Animal Protective Society (LAPS). The small but mighty team Laredo did 100 surgeries in 2 days! Our patients here are a mix of owned animals, Trap Neuter Returns (TNRs) and shelter animals who will now be ready for adoption.

We have seen this community go above and beyond to care for the community cats in this area. One family trapped a sweet community cat with a terrible skin infection and  welcomed him into their home for treatment and once healthy enough, surgery with us! The rescue we work with trapped a similar case, and that kitty is living happily ever after as one of their community cats!

Fun facts- vegan tamales are amazing and it’s already hit 100 degrees in our favorite border town this year!

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