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Viva (the other) Las Vegas

Las Vegas, New Mexico (not to be confused with the glitzy place in Nevada), this is the cool Las Vegas in the North East corner of New Mexico. It’s rural, beautiful and home to an awesome group of humans who are laser focused on reducing the suffering of animals. The Animal Coalition of North East New Mexico

(AWC) are working with AB to provide low-cost spay/neuter and vaccine services to the community. This is our 4th clinic with AWC and the clinics are running like clockwork.

This beautiful place has no accessible or affordable population control services.

Dogs and cats are often outside and are reproducing fast, plus spreading diseases, some of which are zoonotic (can hop to humans).

The kind humans of this town are doing something about it. They are determined folks out here with huge hearts and very large dogs!

As we do more clinics, more organizations and governmental representatives are taking note.  

These critical vet services are the solution in order to humanely balance the cat and dog populations, no matter if it’s here in Las Vegas, or on the Galápagos Islands, this is the fix!

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