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Animal Balance USA is Here!

The mission of Animal Balance is to collaborate with communities in need to create sustainable animal management programs in order to prevent suffering and ignite social change.

The goal of Animal Balance USA is to identify underserved areas in need of accessible and affordable spay/neuter, and then quickly step in to help local organizations bridge the gap in sterilization services. Our training will be provided in a holistic manner so that the situation does not happen again.

Our high-volume ‘MASH’ teams, comprised of the most experienced veterinary medical volunteers from all over the country, will be deployed to the target areas. We will clear the backlog of spay/neuter surgeries at the local shelters, teach the shelters and their partners how to increase their capacity for spay/neuter using our very detailed standard operating procedures (SOP) and then mentor them so they become efficient, lean spay/neuter units. It is a ‘MASH intervention’ if you will, one which will solve the immediate crisis and create sustainable programs in order to have a lasting impact on the number of animals entering local shelters.

By solving the problem at the source, the balance can be restored at the shelter, intake will be reduced, and shelter deaths will decrease” Emma Clifford, Founder & Director, Animal Balance

Animal Balance is a team of specialized experts who exclusively focus on creating high-volume, high-quality spay/neuter clinics in any environment imaginable. We recruit the most experienced volunteer veterinarians, technicians and assistants in the country for our campaigns. We have been creating community based humane animal management programs utilizing high volume spay/neuter clinics since 2004.

Over the last fifteen years, we have served twelve island nations around the world, convincing local organizations to put their differences aside and to collaborate; helping to create sustainable solutions, while at the same time igniting social change aimed at fostering love, compassion and respect towards all species. This year, we have decided to pivot from our original mission to work only on islands and begin to explore the idea of helping underserved rural areas here in the USA also, as there is such a dire need for our key services here at home.

Our first target area to help is Palm Valley, Texas. If you are a Vet, Technician or want to help in other ways sign up for AB USA, please do so here and we will contact you. Our website is

Animal Balance is coordinating a mass spay/neuter event for animals currently housed at the Palm Valley Animal Center (PVAC) prior to the nationwide Clear the Shelters adoption event on August 17, 2019. Through a grant from Best Friends Animal Society and utilizing surgical facilities at the PAWS center in Edinburg, Texas, veterinarians, vet techs and hundreds of volunteers will be mobilized for this mission.

Animal Balance saw an urgent need in the Palm Valley area where spay and neuter resources are scarce. Short term missions like this help alleviate resource gaps while allowing more time to put long-term solutions in place. This mission dovetails with the ongoing multi-year partnership between Best Friends and PVAC to improve shelter operations, implement a community cat program and help take the shelter and the community to no-kill.

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