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Charlies Story - Laredo Clinic

Animal Balance and our partners Best Friends For Life and Laredo Protective Animal Society had another successful clinic this weekend. Our partners held their first 5K Run For Rescues and had an amazing turn out despite the classic Texas heat (it was over 100 each day). They did a great job bringing animal folks together and raising money for the shelter!

Back at the clinic their staff was working hard with us to have 3 successful clinic days, serving 141 pets, community cats and now ready to adopt shelter animals! One special dog "Morales aka Charlie" had been pulled by LAPS from the city shelter and was actually reunited with his owner after several social media posts! Our services made it possible for him to be neutered, vaccinated and heartworm tested before returning home. Unfortunately the heartworm test was positive, but luckily for him his owner now knows and he will be getting treatment. 

We are so lucky to have been a recipient of Petco Love's grant which reduces the cost of these surgeries and provides our partners with free vaccines as well! 

We will be back next month in Laredo for more!


Animal Balance Clinic Coordinator

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