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Collaborations Create Change in Fresno and Beyond..

While Animal Balance partners directly with Fresno Animal Center, we also get to help other local nonprofits doing amazing work in this community thanks to the partnerships shared by Fresno Animal Center and other local animal welfare organizatons.

One of those organizations is Westside Rescue, a nonprofit that works with those experiencing homelessness to ensure pets living in camps have access to veterinary care. Karen Shoji is the founder and Director of Westside Rescue. Karen works longer days than the rest of us during clinics, leaving early in the morning to pick up the six to ten dogs she schedules appointments for and then delivering them back home later that night, long after the rest of us have gone home. Dogs like Toby, pictured here, who was able to receive veterinary care for the first time thanks to the collaborative efforts of our three organizations. None of this work would be possible without collaboration amongst organizations who may not all operate exactly the same way, but who share a passion and dedication to helping people and their pets. That's what this work is all about!

We want to thank Fresno Animal Center for sharing their spay/neuter appointments with other local animal welfare groups, recognizing that it is the work we are all doing both individually and collectively that will ultimately create the social change we are all seeking.

Megan Gram

Animal Balance

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