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Remembering Dr. Eric Jayne

On July 2 the AB family and the veterinary world lost one of the most compassionate, sweetest, most intelligent, skillful, amazing, kind, patient and inspiring humans, Dr. Eric Jayne.

Eric and I had a drink together at the airport a few days ago. We had just finished a campaign serving the Ramah community. We had made plans to overturn and stamp out racism through kindness and hard work, and promoting self determination for Tribes. He was teaching us all to be kinder, to understand history and understand how we can change it through our work with the animals.

Eric was our mentor and our leader in so many ways. The world was so much better when he was in it. We are sending ALL of our love and thoughts to his family and to his partner Sally from every corner of the planet.

Please know that Eric was the best human that I have ever met in my life. It was humbling to be around him and listen to his stories and thoughts. He always said he went on and on too much, but he did not, we all soaked up every single word.

Eric was becoming the leader to stamp out racism against indigenous peoples everywhere. He was gentle and graceful with his words.

He was leading us into a new era.

He was carefully navigating indigenous laws so that he could bring in resources to tribes to allow for self determination. He had taken the Masters in Indigenous Law in order to uproot racism and destroy it, the right way, and forever. He was a cutting edge human with a heart that was bigger than anyone's.

Most of all though, Eric was our friend, colleague, Animal Warrior and leader.

We promise to continue on with your work Dr. Eric Jayne in the gentle, compassionate manner that you taught us, with respect for all.

Rest in peace friend to all.


Dr. Eric was instrumental in these clinics and in training and empowering beloved Kirwin and Queena to fulfilling basic veterinary needs for their community.

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