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Sacramento: Providing services in the areas with the most need!

Last weekend a mighty Animal Balance team from across the United States (one tech joined us all the way from New Hampshire!!) joined forces with the amazing volunteers from Bradshaw Animal Shelter to provide spay/neuter/vaccines and microchips for 189 lucky cats and dogs. 

We were excited to be in a new location, which ended up being the perfect size for our clinic setup. Sometimes smaller is better and in this case that certainly proved true! We managed to fit all of our dog kennels, stations for surgical prep, surgery, surgical packs and recovery all in one space the size of a basketball court! It worked especially well because each station could easily communicate with one another  and we were able to move patients around the clinic without much effort.

The reason we were in a new location is because one of Bradshaw Animal Shelter's goals is to provide services in areas where there are few or no veterinary resources available. This is hugely important when we consider the impact our clinics are having in the communities where we work. It was evident in talking to our clients just how grateful they were to have the opportunity to do what was best for their pet; have them spayed or neutered! Most of the clients we spoke to had never been able to take their pet to the veterinarian before, and they were so excited to have been given this opportunity.

We want to give a big shout out to Bradshaw for their help with this clinic and for being so in tune with the needs of their community! We look forward to our next clinic with them in July!

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